Law firm specialized in Construction and Real Estate Lausanne

Marc-Etienne Favre

certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Law


Sandra PEREZ,
secretary of Me Marc-Etienne Favre
Direct phone: 021 613 08 04

Master of Law, University of Lausanne (1991)
Attorney at law admitted to the bar (1997)
Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Law (2010)
Lecturer EPFL, SVIT and USPI


Marc-Etienne Favre was born in Morges in 1968. He is the third child of a farming family from Villars-sous-Yens, a small village on the shores of Lake Leman. After his scientific schooling in Morges and Lausanne, he obtained a Master of Law degree at Lausanne University and a European Private Law Certificate in 1991. He now lives between Morges and Lausanne, with his wife and their three children.

From his origins, he has a natural bent for everything relating to the land. His first professional experience made him competent in matters relating to Social Security and private insurance and he then worked for more than fifteen years as a general practitioner in local law firms of repute. He obtained a Certificate in advance Study in construction and real estate law in 2010.


Me Favre’s practice concentrates today mainly on Construction and Planning Law, and everything to do with rights in rem and real estate (Rural Land Law and Agrarian Law, Company Contract and Agency Law, Environmental Law, Neighborhood Law and the Rural Code).


  • 2013-2017: Member of the Commission foncière II (acquisition of real estate by persons abroad, LFAIE).
  • since September 2010: Leximmo Avocats-Partner.
  • 2011-2015: Lecturer HES-SO (Master in Engineering Planning)
  • since 2009: Member of the Board of the Raiffeisen Bank Morges Venoge. President of the Board since 2013.
  • 2001-2010: Centralex Avocats-Partner.
  • 1997-2001: Employed by Attorney Benoît Bovay in Lausanne, CBWM Avocats.
  • 1995-1997: Lawyer training with the Chaudet, Bovay, Wyler and Mustaki law office in Lausanne.
  • 1995: Language training course at California University, Santa Barbara.
  • 1991-1994: Jurist, then agent with Retraites Populaires in Lausanne (RPVie, CPEV, CIP, CV, OCC, WTCL).


  • Lecturer for Journée des courtiers de I’USPI 2015 et 2017.
  • Lecturer for Séminaires SVIT (dernière conférence: «Transactions immobilières, les pièges du droit public», le 13 décembre 2017).
  • Lecturer for Chambre suisse d’experts en estimations immobilières (CSEI).


  • Colloques UNI Fribourg Marchés publics
  • Journées suisses du droit de la construction, Université de Fribourg
  • Journées de formation continue de la Chambre des avocats spécialisés FSA droit de la construction et de l’immobilier, Université de Fribourg (annuel)
  • Cours SIA WB10-14: Marchés publics et règlements SIA 142, 143 et 144, mai-juin 2014 (4 jours)
  • Journées romandes de la promotion immobilière
  • Séminaire SVIT School des professionnels de l’immobilier
  • Séminaires fiscaux CVI
  • Journée de droit administratif
  • Les Matinées du patrimoine
  • Formations continues de l’Ordre des avocats vaudois
  • Journées CEDIDAC
  • Séminaires Fondation Notariat Suisse


  • Member of the Bar Association of Vaud (OAV), of the Swiss Bar Association (FSA) and the Young Bar association
  • Member of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA)
  • Member of the Association of Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Lawyers
  • Member of the Swiss Real Estate Association (SVIT Romandie)
  • Member of the Association for environmental law (ADE)
  • Member of the Swiss society of lawyers
  • Membre of the Swiss Association of Land Planning ( VLP-ASPAN)
  • Membre de l’Association suisse des fibromyalgiques
  • Membre de la Fondation suisse pour paraplégiques
  • Membre du Centre de droit de l’entreprise de l’Université de Lausanne (CEDIDAC)