LEXIMMO AVOCAT·E·S is a founding member of Europe’s first network of law firms specializing in construction, environmental and real estate law,, and has specialist relays and partners in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and soon in the rest of Europe. an acronym for Environment, Architecture, Real estate, Territorial and Housing Lawfirms Network, is a collaborative European network of leading independent law firms offering tailored, practical, and high-quality legal advice and services in the fields of environment, urban planning, and real estate in their respective countries, within national, cross-border, and European contexts.

LEXIMMO AVOCAT·E·S Our firm is the unique member of the EUROJURIS International network in Lausanne and in the Canton of Vaud, and a founding member of EUROJURIS Switzerland.

EUROJURIS International is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe since 1992, covering 630 different cities/locations in more than 40 countries worldwide. With some 600 firms and about 5000 lawyers, the main objective is to provide companies, corporations and private clients with direct legal advice and local representation all over Europe.

For our clients, the benefits include high-quality multi-jurisdictional advice and unique access to a range of specialists everywhere in Europe.
With our co-members of EUROJURIS Switzerland, based in the main cities, we cover all over the country with high skilled lawyers at your service.